What is the Longest Chainsaw Bar Available for a Chainsaw? ANSWERED

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There are many different models of huge chainsaws and bars available, many with strong motors. But have you ever wondered what the longest chainsaw bar ever built is? Let’s discuss the longest chainsaw bar in the world, what they’re used for, and where to buy them.

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Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain

World’s Longest Chainsaw Bar

Moran Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan created the longest-running chainsaw, dubbed “Big Gus.” It is 22 feet long, 11 inches wide, and 6 feet tall. The longest bar was displayed in 1996 at the Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in the United States.

The Big Gus, dubbed the longest-working chainsaw, operates at low speeds to keep the bar from falling off Highway 41. This is the Guinness World Record holder.

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Longest Chainsaw Bar

The Stihl chainsaw has the longest bar, measuring 72 inches. It is, however, not usually found at hardware stores or chainsaw shops.

Amazon only sells one 72-inch chainsaw bar, the Forester chain, which is compatible with Husqvarna equipment.

We recommend seeing a chainsaw equipment professional if you wish to buy one. Other chainsaw bar styles, such as the Oregon chainsaw bar and Cannon Super Bars, are available for a custom order.

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Longest Chainsaw Bar Uses

Long chainsaws are popular because they can be used to grind and slab enormous quantities of wood. Long chainsaws are preferred by loggers for heavyweight timbers and stumpwork.

However, long chainsaws are uncommon since they are more challenging to maintain and bulky to store. It also necessitates more laborious maintenance and might occasionally become stuck because it is not always appropriate to utilize these bars due to the extra preventive measures necessary.

Where to Buy Long Chainsaw Bars

Long chainsaw bars are best when custom-made, and firms like Cannon Bar Works sell up to 82 inches long bars. Cannon Bar Works is well-known for producing the most durable bar rails and is one of the greatest chainsaw guide manufacturers in the world.

The longer bars are also available on Amazon, however stock for bars longer than 42′′ is always limited. Long chainsaw bars over 100 inches are also available. The only difference between lengthier bars above 72″ is that they are generally double-ended bars, requiring two chainsaw powerheads to function.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the longest STIHL chainsaw bar?

The MS 881 is the largest and most powerful chainsaw in the STIHL series. The Stihl chainsaw has a large bar measuring 72 inches.

What lengths do chainsaw bars come in?

The most usual chainsaw bar diameters are 12 to 20 inches, however, they can be up to 72 inches for pros. The heavier the chainsaw, the longer the bar.

Is a longer chainsaw bar better?

The ideal chainsaw bar length is 2 inches longer than the average thickness of the wood being cut. This is because it is preferable to have a smaller chainsaw bar that you occasionally use for larger operations rather than the largest size chainsaw bar that you try to use on lesser chores.

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