A Glossary Of Chainsaw Terminology

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I’ve defined and described a range of chainsaw terms across the entire of the Cross Saw Mill website, so I thought it would be useful to start a glossary of chainsaw terminology to help you navigate easily.

Click on the links to the questions below to be taken directly to the definition or answer to your question.

To quickly navigate this page as it grows, you may find it useful to tap ‘Ctrl+F’ on your keyboard if using a desktop computer – type words from your question and you’ll find questions containing your words highlighted.

In future I will implement a more technical search onto the website – but for now, this should help!

Glossary of Chainsaw Terms

What is a chainsaw bar?

What are Solid Hard Nosed Guide Bars?

What are Solid Guide Bars with Replaceable Tips?

What are Laminated Hard Nosed Guide Bars?

What are Laminated Guide Bars with Replaceable Tips?

What are Specialist Material & Configuration Chainsaw Bars?

By Dave Cross

Hi, I'm Dave. I’ve been sawing for more than 40 years. I feel most at home when I’m surrounded by nature and my saws, but occasionally, I’ll share some of my know-how and experience on Cross Saw Mill.

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