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A Poulan chainsaw will not start if there is insufficient air, fuel, or spark to ignite combustion. A damaged on/off switch, old fuel, a plugged fuel filter, a clogged fuel line, a filthy carburetor, a plugged air filter, a plugged spark arrestor, a defective spark plug, or a broken ignition coil can all cause a Poulan chainsaw not to start.

In this article, we’ll present all the reasons why a Poulan chainsaw won’t start, along with how to resolve each issue!

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Chainsaw Won't Start? Problem Solved!

Why Won’t My Poulan Chainsaw Start?

  • Fuel issues
  • Issues with the spark plug
  • Faulty carburetor
  • Damaged ignition coil
  • Oily air filter
  • Clogged muffler
  • Issues with the recoil starter
  • Faulty recoil starter pulley
  • Issues with the rewind spring
  • Crankshaft problem
  • Engine seizure
  • Worn-out pistons or piston rings

While Poulan chainsaws are famed for their endurance and strength, they are not without issues. Some of the causes of a Poulan pro chainsaw won’t start are described above, with more information and Poulan chainsaw troubleshooting to follow!

Fuel Issues

One of the first things to look for when troubleshooting a Poulan chainsaw that won’t start is a fuel issue. If the fuel is old, it may be contaminated. It is critical to use the gas within 30 days of purchase because breakdown can begin at any time. If you can’t use it, apply a fuel additive to stabilize it and extend its life.

How to Fix Fuel Issues

In this situation, you’ll need to empty the tank and refill it with new fuel. If the gasoline line becomes clogged, it must be changed. Check the gasoline filter as well to see if it needs to be updated.

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Issues With the Spark Plug

If there is a problem with the spark plug, your chainsaw may not start. The spark plug is in charge of producing the spark that ignites the engine’s fuel.

How to Fix Issues With the Spark Plug

If the spark plug is damaged, it may be necessary to replace it. In some circumstances, the porcelain insulator may be damaged, preventing the chainsaw from starting. If the electrode has burned away, it must be replaced. Carbon buildup can potentially be an issue. In this scenario, you must clean the spark plug.

Faulty Carburetor

The Poulan chainsaw carburetor is in charge of blending air and fuel before they enter the engine. The chainsaw will not start if the carburetor is not working properly. A filthy air filter, a clogged fuel line, or a malfunctioning carburetor can all cause carburetor troubles.

How to Fix a Faulty Carburetor

In some circumstances, you may be able to clean or replace the faulty component. In other circumstances, though, you may need to replace the complete carburetor.

Damaged Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is in charge of producing the spark that ignites the engine’s fuel. If the ignition coil becomes damaged, it must be replaced. However, before replacing the ignition coil, ensure that the spark plug is operational.

How to Fix a Damaged Ignition Coil

The spark plug wire, which is easily replaced in some circumstances, maybe the source of the problem.

Oily Air Filter

When you use the chainsaw, oil is sprayed onto the air filter to keep it oiled. However, oil can accumulate and clog the air filter over time.

How to Fix an Oily Air Filter

In this situation, you must replace the air filter. Also, before installing the new air filter, clean the housing.

Clogged Muffler

The muffler dampens the sound of the chainsaw. However, the muffler might become blocked with carbon deposits over time.

How to Fix a Clogged Muffler

In this situation, the muffler must be cleaned or replaced.

Issues With the Recoil Starter

The recoil starter engages the crankshaft, causing the engine to start. The chainsaw will not start if the recoil starter is not working properly. A broken spring, a jammed ratchet, or a faulty recoil starting cord can all cause recoil starter problems.

How to Fix Issues With the Recoil Starter

In some circumstances, you may be able to resolve the issue by replacing the faulty component. Alternatively, the entire recoil starter assembly may need to be replaced.

Faulty Recoil Starter Pulley

The recoil starter pulley may be the source of the problem. The recoil starter pulley is in charge of crankshaft engagement. The pulley should revolve whenever the recoil starter handle is pulled.

How to Fix a Faulty Recoil Starter Pulley

If the recoil starting pulley is damaged, it must be replaced.

Issues With the Rewind Spring

The rewind spring should wound up when you pull the starter rope. This stores the energy required to start the engine. You won’t be able to start the engine if the rewind spring is destroyed.

How to Fix Issues With the Rewind Spring

If the rewind spring is the source of the problem, it must be replaced. This is something you can easily perform on your own.

Crankshaft Problem

The crankshaft is in charge of turning the piston, which drives the engine. If the crankshaft appears to be the source of the problem, get it inspected by a specialist.

Crankshaft Problem

It is not something you can quickly repair or replace. However, if necessary, you can replace the crankshaft bearings. In some circumstances, the crankshaft must be replaced entirely.

Engine Seizure

An engine seizure can occur for a variety of causes, including a lack of oil, overheating, or the use of the incorrect type of oil. It could potentially be due to a crankshaft or connecting rod issue.

How to Fix an Engine Seizure

If the engine seizes, you will need to consult with a specialist. In some circumstances, the engine must be replaced.

Worn-Out Pistons or Piston Rings

The piston rings are in charge of sealing the combustion chamber. The chainsaw will not start if the piston rings are worn out.

How to Fix Worn-Out Pistons or Piston Rings

You might try replacing the piston rings. In some circumstances, though, the complete piston must be replaced.

These are the most typical causes of a Poulan chainsaw not starting. Check all of these things before bringing the tool to a specialist. You should be able to repair the problem yourself with a little troubleshooting.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is my Poulan chainsaw not starting?

Your Poulan chainsaw is not starting because you have fuel issues, issues with the spark plug, a faulty carburetor, a damaged ignition coil, an oily air filter, a clogged muffler, issues with the recoil starter, a faulty recoil starter pulley, issues with the rewind spring, a crankshaft problem, an engine seizure, or worn-out pistons or piston rings.

How do I get my Poulan chainsaw to start?

To get your Poulan chainsaw to start you will need to first diagnose the problem and then fix it. It could be anything as simple as cleaning components like the air filter, muffler, or carburetor due to them being clogged. Or, you may need to replace faulty components like the spark plug, recoil starter, or worn-out piston rings.

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