Chainsaws Made In The USA

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It’s no secret that America is home to some of the most impressive brands and manufacturers known to man, in almost every single industry. So, therefore, it should come as no surprise that America also houses some of the best chainsaws as well.

Whether the brands are founded in the USA or are manufacturing there, this article will compile some of the most impressive and high-quality chainsaw brands that are on the market.

What brands of chainsaw made in USA are there?

A quick google search can show you all of the brands founded or serving in America at a quick glance. However, this does nothing to vouch for their quality or legitimacy. That’s where I come in to show you which brands are worth your time to look at.

<For each one, discuss models and their type. What they exceed at and what holds them back>

Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl is a German brand founded in 1926, with its first product being an electric chainsaw. While the beginning was slow and rough, the Stihl brand is flourishing as of today and is a well-respected household name.

Stihl inc. is the US subsidiary of the parent company, Stihl International GmbH. It is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia which is also where all of the Stihl chainsaws in the USA are manufactured.

Sticking to its roots, Stihl is known for mainly selling electric chainsaws. Despite this, you can find gas-powered products as well. On the official website, you can see that Stihl produces far more than just chainsaws and has a line of grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, and other garden tools.

In terms of pricing, you can spend an average of $250 on their smaller chainsaws while paying around $500-$700 for their larger, more powerful chainsaws.

The smaller ones, as described by Stihl, are better for pruning small branches and general trimming or cutting up smaller logs for a fire. These models are the MSA 120 C-B Cordless Chainsaw and the MSA 140 C-B Cordless Chainsaw respectively.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

The Husqvarna chainsaw is widely known as one of the best in the world. The Husqvarna group was founded in 1689 and has its headquarters in Sweden, however, they are made in the USA. That being said, despite manufacturing in America there are still some parts for their chainsaws that they outsource and import from other countries.

Some of the most popular Husqvarna chainsaws are:

  • Husqvarna 20-inch Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 450E SASII45020 Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 120i Battery-Powered Chainsaw

While the bar length and price changes between these chainsaws, the Husqvarna brand offers outstanding features on all of its products. The Husqvarna group prioritizes comfort and accessibility, meaning no matter your experience, you will find them easy to use. They also are known for their lightweight products and ergonomic design. It makes them worthy to be one of the most popular chainsaw brands.

Echo Chainsaws

Echo prides itself on having lightweight products that are durable and last for long periods of time. Using the motto “down-time is money for the professional operator” you can see that Echo chainsaws are targeted at the workplace user. That being said, they are affordable enough that any household maintenance can be handled by one even by the most inexperienced of users, making sure they wear the proper safety gear, of course.

Echo is a subsidiary of The Yamabiko Corporation which is based in Ome, Japan. Despite this, Echo has several manufacturing plants in the USA making their products true American-made chainsaws known for their excellent performance.

Makita Chainsaws

The Makita Corporation was founded in 1915 and is based in Anjō, Japan. Makita chainsaws are really affordable while still maintaining their quality, making them an excellent pick for the average household. Known for their iconic blue color, Makita chainsaws are available globally and have manufacturing facilities located worldwide. They also have a few manufacturing plants in the USA.

While being affordable Makita products also offer efficient fuel consumption and a lightweight design that make them perfect for smaller tasks such as cutting firewood. Makita also sells other products such as saws and power tool equipment. However, by far their biggest product is the chainsaws which come as either gas-powered, battery-powered, or electric.

Other noteworthy brands

While covering brands founded in places such as Sweden, Germany, and Japan they are all manufactured in the USA. If those choices were not enough, or you want to do some more research for yourself, here are some more brands guaranteed to sell a quality product.

  • Remington – Valley City, Ohio
  • Tanaka – initially made in Japan but now owned by Hitachi based in China
  • McCulloch – Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is now a part of Husqvarna
  • Parker – family run business in Lincolnshire, UK
  • Poulan – Founded in Sweden but is now part of Husqvarna


Despite some of the companies being founded in other countries, a lot of manufacturing happens in America. The components may be imported from other places but you are still getting that fine American craftsmanship.

The Husqvarna Group is arguably the most notable out of the lot as they have varying models that suit each different need. Not only this, but they also own several of the other big chainsaw companies covering the globe.

While the company was made in Sweden, Husqvarna primarily has manufacturing plants in America which make them the leading company for those wanting to locally buy a chainsaw without having to have international shipping.

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