Southern Fossils

Cross Sawmill is located in the Coastal Plain of Georgia. Long, long ago this land was covered by a shallow sea teeming with life. After millions of years of geologic change we now find that many of the sedimentary rocks around us have the fossilized remains or impressions of shells and other invertebrate sea creatures.

Sawmill modification

By 2012 Dave had developed ideas for how to modify the sawmill so that it could cut stone. He reached out the diamond cutting tool company Diamant-Boart and connected with Shane Ward, their diamond wire National Technical Director. He invited Dave to view diamond wire cable cutting granite at the massive Dixie Quarry in Elberton, GA. With conceptual help from Shane Ward, the saw was cutting rock by mid 2013.


From the boulders ranging between 1-4 tons, Dave has proffered benches, monuments and signs. We are also developing natural stone fountains.

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